With D-Finitive Evo we have wanted to develop an exclusive treatment system, evolving over Radiofrequency and Vacuum systems as well as remodeling, drainage, defibrosing, cellulite, reaffirmation, rejuvenation and facial skin tightening protocols.

Advantages D-Finitive EVO

  • Without consumables
  • Painless and non-invasive treatment
  • Comfortable and simple use. Without physical wear
  • Results visible from the first session
  • Decrease in tissue heating times
  • Less number of sessions
  • Exclusive technology Differ from the competition

D.R.V.S. (Digital Rotation Vacuum System)

Exclusive BECO MEDICAL system with progressive lateral rotation.

Tissue mobilization – Defibrosed – Drainage

  • It allows to select the rotation angle progressively from 10º to 90º and the frequency of rotation from 1 to 5 Hz. Working on any tissue is edematous or fibrous without risk of hematoma. Pulsed and continuous system.
  • It includes dual system of emission Vacuum and Radiofrecuencia. Reduces the impedance and resistance for the subsequent treatment of Endothermy. It reduces the treatment times and deep heating of the tissue.
  • Great mobilization capacity thanks to its applicators of different diameters, adaptive to any anatomical area.


Vacuum system + static radio frequency 0’8 – 2’6 Mhz

Body remodeling, cellulite, adipose tissue, flaccidity.

Static application, high heating capacity and comfort for the therapist, without physical wear.

Two selectable frequencies according to the necessary depth.

Criotherapy selectable contact applicator up to -5ºC. Maximum safety of treatment without patient discomfort due to excess temperature. Thermal intolerances, sensitive skin.

Heat-selectable contact applicator up to 45ºC. Treatments for rapid temperature increase.

Radiofrequency flat electrode

D- Finitive Evo, includes 3 bipolar emission applicators.

Applicators without Vacuum technology, ergonomic and lightweight with comfortable application.

Indicated in facial and body applications.

Anatomical areas where the application of Vacuum technology is not advisable, upper extremities (arms), avoiding the possibility of generating flaccidity, jowls, neck, neckline, facial oval, areas of difficult access and sensitivity, inner thigh and knee.

Bipolar: Peri-orbicular, peri-labial area.

Tripolar: Facial oval, front, neck and neckline.

Hexapolar: Arms, inner thigh and knee.