How does it work?

Our system is based on the bio-energetic regulation (BER: Bio-energetic Regulatory Techniques) and on the technique of acupuncture. The Bioresonance food intolerance test measures physical-chemical parameters through the cutaneous surface at the classic acupuncture point: root of the index finger nail (Point ting 1), related to the meridian (no. 9) of the large intestine.

The analysis is done in a single point and only once. With a single measurement a complete test of food intolerance is achieved. The equipment has a secure system, if the point is not located perfectly the test is not performed.

During the test of the Food Intolerance test by Bioresonance different electric impulses are emitted (193), with the frequency corresponding to each food, obtaining different values ​​of intolerance depending on the absorbed bioenergy of each impulse in the analyzed person.

The method is extremely fast and simple, not needing to be an expert in bioenergies and is extraordinarily effective thanks to the high sensitivity of the equipment.

At the end of the Food Intolerance test for Bioresonance, the software allows the immediate visualization of all results, their registration and corresponding printing.