So that your skin regains luminosity and vitality we propose mesotherapy.

By means of multiple very superficial micro injections of medicines based on vitamins and minerals together with hyaluronic acid, we managed to correct from the inside the damages produced in the skin during years, the wrinkles and the flaccidity.

We recommend an initial treatment of 3 sessions that can be spaced between 15 days and a month. This treatment can be repeated every year.

It is also advisable for young people in whom the first signs of aging appear as preventive treatment.

Body mesotherapy aims to shape the figure in a localized way and reduce the volume by injecting substances prepared to dissolve the fat in the affected area. In general they can be applied in any area of the body except the chest, although its use is usually more frequent in the area of the buttocks, thighs, abdomen.

What is the procedure?

The injections are applied directly in the area where fats accumulate, where the substances applied dissolve the fats. Later these fats will be transported through the bloodstream to the kidneys to be eliminated through the urine.


Cellulite reduction
Reduction of localized fat volume
Firming effect on the skin
Improves the tone of the skin
No side effects




The results begin to be noticed from the third and fourth session in which you will begin to notice a large decrease in cellulite and a firming effect on the skin.


Facial Mesotherapy

The Facial Mesotherapy corrects the lack of luminosity in the face, erases the lines of expression and small wrinkles and improves the sagging in the face, in the neck and in the neckline.

The Technique

It is a safe and very fast technique that returns to the skin of the face the luminosity, hydration and tone that is lost over the years.

Different nutrients are used for the skin: vitamins, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, trace elements and antioxidants.

This treatment in the body allows mobilizing accumulated fat and dissolving it, thus promoting the elimination of toxins and fluid.

The Treatment

The facial mesotherapy, once every two weeks, will regularly maintain the tonicity, hydration and firmness of the skin.

Body Mesotherapy is performed in weekly sessions:

  • The first four sessions are held once a week (each one of them).
  • From the fifth session to the eighth session, they are done every two weeks.
  • The ninth and tenth sessions are held once a month.

With an anesthetic cream, comfort and absence of pain will be total.


As an inconvenience, some bruising may appear in the treated area that will disappear in a few days.