It consists of a selective and non-invasive cooling of adipose tissue that induces lipolysis or rupture of fat cells (adipocytes), thus achieving its reduction without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Cryolipolysis is a technique that treats subdermal fat deposits, located in the hypodermis.

Adipocytes or fat cells are more vulnerable to low temperatures than adjacent tissues and can be eliminated by the application of controlled cold in time and temperature, without causing damage to other tissues. Under these conditions, the process of apoptosis or cell death begins. The cells of the treated area are gradually eliminated through natural metabolic processes, resulting in a marked reduction of localized fat deposits.

Several studies have shown a very high safety profile in relation to the levels of blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc.) and to the liver function of patients during treatment.

Extensive experience in manufacturing, development and product in the market, leaves us a legacy of good results in the treatment of localized adiposities thanks to the CRYOLOGIE system. Development of specific protocols according to tissue types in time – temperature has led us to offer excellent results to customers who already have CRYO COOL MED.

Initial application of thermotherapy.

The focalized increase in temperature and the action of vacuum pressure causes a significant vasodilation. In this way, cold conduction to adipose tissue (free fatty tissue of interstitial fluid and blood) is improved, offering greater effectiveness in comparisons of treatment with other systems that directly apply cryotherapy without previous heating.

Through subsequent application of cold and vacuum.

After vasodilation due to thermotherapy, cold vasoconstriction is provoked. The temperature is decreased according to the previously defined parameters of time, vacuum pressure and area to be treated (depending on the thickness of the adipose panniculus). It is a progressive cooling process aimed at provoking a selective and local apoptosis of the fat cells.

Automatic variable pressure system.

Cryo Cool Med, has a variable pressure system, which allows the automatic oscillation of the pressure during the treatment. A noteworthy factor is the patient’s pain-free comfort during the session, as well as the decrease in pressure on the tissue, decreasing the possibility of capillary and venous ecstasy.

In short, the Cryologie system allows a painless, comfortable, non-invasive, safe and without bruising application in the treatment area, as well as a greater capacity for cooling the number of adipocytes compared to traditional cryolipolysis systems.

What is the Cryologie system?

How is it different from other methods?

The differences of this medical-aesthetic technique with other localized reduction treatments are:

  • With cryolipolysis, cold attacks selective and controlled only fat cells, while other techniques can also damage adjacent tissues.
  • It allows to eliminate, in a personalized way, the areas of localized fat from a global study of each patient for a total transformation of your body.
  • It is a technique that prioritizes the integrity of the treated tissue, improving other existing technologies in the market. and it adapts to a larger number of areas to be treated: the abdomen, the flanks, the localized fat of the back, the inner side of the thigh and the arms.

This treatment is fundamentally based on a control unit with an applicator that contains cooling panels and is specially designed to exert a gentle vacuum pressure in the area to be treated, exposing the fat cells to a precise and controlled temperature reduction to eliminate them. without damaging the surrounding tissues. Fat cells exposed to cold are gradually eliminated through the normal metabolic process of the body and in a natural way.

Depending on the depth of the adipose tissue and the desired reduction, it may take between 1 and 3 sessions and consist of performing this treatment between two and three times in the same area, with an interval of forty-five days between two sessions, in order to achieve a greater reduction of fat in the treated area and reaching up to 20% elimination of this by session, with optimal results after only two months.

What results can we expect and in what time?

Who is targeted as a suitable candidate?

The Criolipoesculture is particularly indicated for localized adiposities and not general obesity. It is used to reduce areas of localized fat that persist despite diet and exercise: Abdomen, Buttocks, Lumbar Flanks, Waist, Back, Arms, Hips and Cartouches.

What do you feel during and after the session?

The procedure is not painful. The normal thing is to notice some tension in the area treated by vacuum effect especially at the beginning of the session. Normal daily activity, without any discomfort, is recovered immediately after each session.

Are the final results?

As in a liposculpture, the results are permanent as long as the patient performs moderate exercise and leads a healthy and balanced diet. Clinical studies in hundreds of treated patients show that Criolipolisis or Crioliposculpture provides a reduction of fat without pain, without risk , that in addition, its application does not require a later recovery time like other more invasive treatments.

This revolutionary technology is available in the best known beauty clinics in the world and is of extraordinary effectiveness, for this you have to perform the precise sessions and follow the instructions and guidelines dictated by the therapists.