Diatherm radiofrequency provides energy from a capacitive field effect, which allows us to work in the deepest part of the skin, ie the dermis, respecting the epidermis of the heat effect.

The emitted, non-invasive wave produces a subdermal temperature increase of biological type that goes from the inside to the outside, so that the epidermis is not affected by the energy input generated by the Joule effect.

It also has the ability to penetrate products, thus achieving a synergy between the results of the equipment and those of the product.


Hyperemia and consequent activation of the blood microcirculation, and therefore a greater availability of oxygen and nutrients, thus achieving a revitalization of cell function and a greater elimination of toxins.

The increase in temperature produced by the Diatherm favors the fibroblastic metabolism, which translates into an increase in the production of collagen and elastin fibers.

The increase in microcirculation favors the resolution of fibrotic processes as occurs in the case of so-called cellulitis or lipodystrophy.


Dehydrated skin, acne, wrinkles, flaccidity, skin aging, cellulitis, recent scars and striae, keloid prevention, localized adiposity, body modeling and pre and post surgical treatments.

The material used in the patented electrodes of Diatherm equipment is a semiconductor material that has very high properties of conservation of the heat emitted, so that when only a part of the electrode comes into contact with the skin, it does not concentrate the maximum amount of energy in that point, unlike other equipment, if not distributed evenly over the surface of the electrode, thus avoiding possible burn.